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Ilex-Holly Shilling Bonsai 14in. Pot
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Holly Bonsai Tree (Ilex 'Shilling')



Holly Bonsai are small evergreens; their size makes them ideal for bonsai. Hollys tolerate both sun and full shade and can be grown both outdoors and indoors by a window. They have dark green leaves and shallow fibrous root systems that often produce powerful surface roots.


The tree trunks have a solid and strong shape that supports a lush canopy of leaves. They look like a Bonsai should: a smaller version of an old tree. This is a beautiful specimen, and comes in a Chinese 14" glazed blue bonsai pot. It will continue to develope for years to come.


Holly Bonsai Tree Care:



Lighting: Tolerate both sun and full shade quite well and can be grown both outdoors and indoors but excessive direct sunlight can burn their glossy, dark green leaves.



Temperature: Temperatures can tolerate light freezes, but are not will not tolerate long periods of freezing temperature. so extra protection should be provided in these conditions. Foliage can become yellow or bronzed after frosts during the Winter but green up will occur again during the Spring.



Watering: Do not let a Holly Bonsai completely dry-out. However, over watering causes yellow leaves, and so does excessive direct sun light.



Feeding: During the growing season, Hollys needs to be fed about once a month.


Pruning and Trimming: Holly Bonsai periodically need thinning of the canopy to allow light into the inner branches. Regular pruning helps to increase ramification and reduce leafsize as well. However, it is also important to allow some free growth to ensure the overall vigour of the bonsai is maintained. Free, unrestricted extension of the first flush of growth can be allowed in Spring (around April/May depending on your climate) to strengthen the tree, followed by strict pinching and pruning for the rest of the year to refine the foliage.

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